Swedish progressive trance duo, unfortunately not active anymore but undoubtedly contributed some unique and sophisticated albums to electronic music.

Music style: cold and clear progressive trance, unique melodies and rhythm, sophisticated production, all tracks are related to nature (check track names)

Song Selection:
Sudden Comfort–> search YouTube for vibrasphere sudden comfort

When do I listen to it?
– sports, especially mountain biking and snowboard
– clear and fast highway driving
– meditation
– walk in the park
–> this music is beautiful with a clear mind and full concentration, this is no background or social music!

Recommended Albums&Tracks:
–> check spotify for a first impression

Lungs of Life – newest album, a bit minimal style, very positive –> excellent for the beginning of spring,
with a look on the sunrise and blossoming trees
–> no track selection, listen to the whole cd, it’s a voyage

Lime Structure – cold and meditative, almost hypnotic
–> I love to meditate and think about my objectives with this album in the summer,
with some panoramic view on a clear blue sky and some pine trees (and no one around…)
track selection: “Infusion” and “Silver Sun” are my favorites, but the whole cd is a voyage

Archipelago – deep and beautiful melodies, still cold but not as much as Lime Structure, full of energy –> excellent for the beginning of autumn,
for a walk in the park in the evenings that become cold. Was also excellent for my Norway trip (together with Lungs of Life)
track selection: “Sweet September”, “Landmark”, “Sudden Comfort” – still all tracks are good!

Exploring the Tributaries – surely extremely good progressive music in the typical Vibrasphere style, yet I prefer the remixed version of this album in the Vibrasphere 2008 Live Set
track selection: “Erosion”, “In Control”, “102 Miles from here”

Vibrasphere 2008 Live Set: My absolute favorite of Vibrasphere’s work – an excellent 1:10h set, the tracks are simply in the exact right order. For me a classical concert doesn’t do better in taking you on a perfectly harmonized voyage. Listen to that while meditating or being on a nice mountain-bike tour and start flying. For me an all-time milestone in the history of music.
–> search Youtube for Vibrasphere 2008 Warsaw

Vibrasphere 2003 Live Set: extremely powerful, less melodic – a blast from min 15 to 30
–> search Youtube for Vibrasphere 2003

It’s a pity they stopped producing, but I’m enjoying their work since 6 years now and it doesn’t seem to fade.

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