Definitely belonging to the 3 greatest “spaghetti-western” ever produced, this movie by Sergio Leone is a pure master-piece  – setting an all-time standard in the portrayal of seriousness, stamina, self-reliance, “son-of-a-bitchness” and greatness!


Check out the trailer:

Short Summary:
This movie is a MUST-SEEN for everyone who doesn’t completely hate western movies. Taking place during the civil war, three son-of-a-bitches try to rip of each other on the way to find 200.000 dollars that are buried in a grave somewhere in the desert. The movie portrays strong and unique personalities, is full of sophisticated humor and has a core message: never underestimate how greedy and fucked up your companion can be – always be one step cleverer. The excellently chosen settings in the desert and canyons form the perfect background. You need patience to watch this – but that is what is takes to watch a movie free of superficial and popular elements, a movie that profoundly presents its idea and message – a real masterpiece! No hypocrisy, no prettifying – this is true stuff.

major contribution to slick man’s objectives:

To have endurance, to have the seriousness to being able to do what needs to be done and to know every trick in the book are qualities that make you “rough” enough to approach real challenges in life. Don’t step back from them – the movie portrays the spirit of the necessary seriousness in a way that motivates and inspires to improve in this area.

1 concrete benefit to my personal life:

In business it is always better to be one step cleverer and to be very down to earth. Also for life in general, when being confronted with serious challenges obligatory to reach your life aims, are you trying to stand until your last breath or are you focusing on a mental program of fear and comfort that makes you surrender? The spirit of the movie gives me the right mental frame to go my own way, to be my own boss, to pursue my own values and to take risks to get where I want.

if you plan to buy the movie, make sure to get the extended original version, that displays the real ideas of the author! for example this version