a stylish tea maker that simplifies making tea and brings more style in your flat – heats the water and beeps after brewing time is over


179 €

why to buy it:
drinking tea, especially green tea, helps to feel more comfortable and can make you more present. furthermore, tea is among the few “drinks” that conform to the paleo alimentation philosophy. since I’m drinking quite an amount of tea every day, I wanted to make it simpler and enjoy the preparation more. The Philipps tea maker helps – choose the kind of tea you want to prepare, insert water, the water will be heated up to the perfect temperature. Then add the tea, the machine will make a sound when the tea is ready. This is helpful, since it is very important to keep the correct brewing time of the tea – for example a green tea is “destroyed” and tastes bitter if you leave it brewing for more than 4 min in! Regarding the relatively high price, this is something for the frequent tea drinker!

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major contribution to slick man’s objectives:
supports well being, mental power and saves time!

1 concrete benefit to my personal life:
green tea works too good together with a morning meditation session – since there is often not much time in the morning, the tea preparation needs to be as easy as possible. 1-2 liters of green tea make me very awake in a positive way (not aggressive like coffee does for me) and therefore very powerful at work