morning exercises developed by Tibetan monks in order to get you awake, to strengthen your back and to make your mind be more present


short summary

The book describes in detail exercises that have been developed by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago.
Those exercises stimulate seven points in your back that, according to the theory, are responsible for the energy flow in your backbone. Stimulating those points will not only help to improve the energy flow in your body, it also helps to keep your back straight. Furthermore it makes your digestion work – in other words it “switches it on”, which accelerates the process of getting awake. It’s the same effect that naturally happens just in a longer time.
I do these five exercises every morning since two years – these 10 minutes really do pay off. Before doing the exercises you need to read the book, otherwise you won’t understand their effect. It takes only two hours to read it!

benefit to slick man’s life

Forget coffee and integrate these exercises in your daily waking up routine – you will enter the day much more quickly and by keeping your back straight have a better vibe during the whole day. Those exercises certainly improve your mental power and your physical health. It is also said that people who do this exercises constantly, can increase the length of their lives decisively. Here my grandmother is a good example – she’s now 86, living on her own and still in good shape. She’s doing those exercises since 35 years!

1 concrete benefit to my life

When doing home office, it’s sometimes quite a challenge to start working right after you got up. I tried various techniques – jogging, meditating and drinking coffee – but the answer is a lot simpler. 10 minutes of these exercises solve the problem for me. I am directly awake and ready to work.

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