cushion for mediation – keeps your back straight while sitting on the ground
–> prevents tensions of the back


24€ + shipping

why to buy it:
meditation is a crucial element in my life. the correct position of the back is very important for meditation – the slightest tension can harm your energy flow and relaxation and so the success of the mediation session. all you need is to sit on the ground and keep your back straight – the cushion certainly makes things easier!


available here:

major contribution to slick man’s objectives:
supports meditation and thus mental power!

1 concrete benefit to my personal life:
a mediation session in the morning with Vibrasphere music, green tea and fasting is an
excellent way to get the power back into the middle of your body. Think about
successes in the past, aims, strength’ and possibilities, take some deep breath,
slow down the speed level of your attention and get your focus back on the moment!
Afterwards, breakfast is allowed 🙂