What you need:
1x calabaza (pumpkin cup)
1x bombilla (metal straw)
1x yerba mate (tea leaves)
60 degrees hot water

Before the first use:
– fill up the calabaza to 3/4 with tea leaves
– add boiling water
– leave it like this for a day, throw the tea away and clean the calabaza with hot water
–> this will make your tea taste better

1. heat up water (0.5L for one person)
2. in the meantime fill the calabaza 3/4 with tea leaves
3. cover the calabaza with your hand, shake it a few times and remove your hand to leave the dust out (the dust is responsible for the ‘weird’ taste of the first mate
4. put the bombilla in the calabaza so that it touches the bottom
on one side
5. put the water into a tea can. the water temperatur should be
around 60 degrees-80 degrees! more temperatur will make the
tea loose its effect and flavour after the first use.
An easy way to do this is to cover the
can with the downside of your hand. If it is disagreeable after 5 seconds, the water is still to hot. Remove some water and add cold water. If you cool
it down to much, the taste will be less intense, but at least you didn’t destroy the tea… Find the right temperature after some time!
6. fill up the calabaza with water and leave it for a few seconds. The first time you might need to add water another time, as the tea absorbs the water.
7. drink the tea slowly through the straw and – don’t move the straw! Moving the straw will negatively influence the taste!
8. repeat as often as you want
9. if the tea loses taste, put the straw on the other side of the calabaza

After the session, make sure to clean the calabaza well. Leaving it inside for more than a day will make it mould soon! Throw the the tea into the rubbish and clean the calabaza with hot water, until the waste water is not green anymore