Green Tea leads to healthy weight loss, works against heart disease, alzheimer and decreases depression.

short summary:
Since more than 4 years I am consuming 1-2 liters of green tea a day. For me it is one of the main ingredients for a balanced and satisfied life. Statistically proven it has a lot of positive physical and mental effects, enlargens your life expectation and simply just tastes very smooth and delicious.


key facts and advantages:

Weight Loss, help agains Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, Depression, Blood Pressure, Anti bacterial, Skincare.

Important Notice:

Don’t buy it in classical tea bags. Pure green tea leaves might be a little bit expensiver but have a highly more positive impact than the flavoured teas.
Don’t pour the boiled water straight on the leaves because that’s how you kill it. Wait for 2-3 minutes after the water is boiled, then put it on the leaves and don’t wait more than 1-2 minutes. You can use the same leaves for a 5-7 cups. It is known in China that the second and the third cup are the best. Enjoy 🙂
further info: