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Japanese Green Tea Guide


Different types of japanese green tea and their taste and health benefits

First of all some gerneral facts about green tea itself:

Green tea is the unfermented type of tea. That means the fermentation process is stopped by either steaming(japanese) or roasting/panning (chinese). That keeps the leaves green, contrary to …

How to prepare mate tea


Fact: Green Tea – main pillar to a healthier and more satisfied life!

Green Tea leads to healthy weight loss, works against heart disease, alzheimer and decreases depression.

short summary:
Since more than 4 years I am consuming 1-2 liters of green tea a day. For me it is one of the main ingredients for a balanced and satisfied life. Statistically proven …

Fresh Ginger- and Mint-Tea

Preparation Time: 2 min

Drinking this tea is like a party for the body 🙂