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Clapton live in San Diego feat. JJ Cale

check out this new live album published in 2016 – special guest JJ Cale and an amazing 16 minutes guitar solo by Eric Clapton (song: Little Queen of Spades)

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Mate Tea

A traditional and natural South American drink full of coffein – an excellent drink for the afternoon, helping to make you more focused and relaxed. Quit smoking and dry drinking this tea instead!

Here you get the material – the tea cup made out of pumpkin and the bombilla (straw)

The Wild Bunch

img_6558In my opinion one of the top5 western movies produced – strong characters, wild life, gang spirit, hard humour and a well thought out story behind…


Effortless Mastery

Do everything in an effortless way, get successful, realize your authentic self and have fun at the same time



12 Angry Men

A great movie I enjoyed watching recently.

As from Wikipedia : “(…) the story of a jury made up of 12 men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt (…)” (…) 12 Angry Men explores many techniques of consensus-building, and the

Japanese Green Tea Guide


Different types of japanese green tea and their taste and health benefits

First of all some gerneral facts about green tea itself:

Green tea is the unfermented type of tea. That means the fermentation process is stopped by either steaming(japanese) or roasting/panning (chinese). That keeps the leaves green, contrary to …

The tree of life.

This movie is directed by Terrence Malick and features Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. It is a very slow moving movie far away from the classic hollywood structure. The topic is simple and complex in the same way – the meaning of life. Beautiful pictures, deep going story, pure, minimalistic …

Radical Honesty – How to transform your life by telling the truth.

This book shows in a pragmatic and simplified way, that we all lie like hell. Not telling our friends, lovers, spouses, or bosses about what we do, feel, or think keeps us locked in that mind jail. The way out is to get good at telling the truth. The book …


“The Endless River” by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s last album published in Nov. 2014 is again a masterpiece by the group – the CD is almost only instrumental, making it an excellent meditation partner. The sequence of the songs is well choosen – a beautiful celebration of the river of life!


Eckhart Tolle: Stillness Speaks

1-phrase-description: The whole book consists of concise and deep statements, serving as “direction signs” to guide you back into the presence. Since the statements are very short, the mind is needed to a minimun degree, making this book an excellent partner for a good mediation session.



Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

1-phrase-description: Excellent how-to book to exercise zen-meditation, written by a japanese zen master teaching people in the US. After having understood the message of “The Power of Now”, this book gives concrete instructions on how to get rid of the illusion caused by mind-presence and how to get your natural, …

The Celestine Prophecy

1-phrase-description: Shows in an adventurous way nine spiritual insights to how to establish a connection with the “Divine”

The Celestine Prophecy

Blues-Song: Life is Hard

The famous “Life is Hard” (an then you die) by Johnny Winter


Blues-Song: Thrill is Gone

Original version by B.B. King


Blues-Song: Double Trouble

Original version by Otis Rush – my favorite blues song


Blues-Song: Bad Love

Song by Luther Allison , live in Chicago.


Reading lamp for glasses

stop making weird movements to reach the light while reading  in the evening and simply stick this reading lamp to your glasses – also cool for reading outside in the dark!



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unique and sophisticated minimal music from germany – profound, versatile, precise – the music is not to fast and not to slow – to make you smoothly enter a rhythm speed level making you capable of “moving mountains”


listen here

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Gotan Project

easy, sentimental, traditionally influenced music – experience argentinean tango in a modern way. gotan project’s music is full of emotions, friendly and just the right thing for experiencing beautiful settings and cultural events

gotan project tango 3.0

listen here

a special reference to the song “vuelvo al sur” – the chanteuse couldn’t be …

Bajofondo Tango Club

electro-tango from buenos aires – an excellent mix of cool, clear and energetic lounge electro with traditional tango melodies – this is modern aesthetic and an experience of the argentinean passion and smoothness


listen here

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the father of gangster rap – it is said that he never wrote his texts – it was original thoughts coming to his mind in the studio. check out on of the few real rap artists who had 12 children by 8 different women!


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Dean Martin

western movie actor, entertainer, singer  – the king of cool – impresses with funny lyrics, unbeatable in style, joyful and harmonic – a must for the slick man!


listen here

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Keith Jarret

relaxing and aesthetic piano music to calm down


listen here

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J.J. Cale

one of the two best guitarists ever existed – his music is down-to-earth, full of feelings and so harmonic, that it is still good the 1000th time you press play – my favorite music for moments on my own in nature


listen here

a special focus on this 1:10h …


the MASTERS of progressive trance music – harmonic, energetic, vivid, enthusiastic like wine – the right vibe for snowboarding, fast driving or a rocking night out 😉


listen here

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Philips Tea Maker

a stylish tea maker that simplifies making tea and brings more style in your flat – heats the water and beeps after brewing time is over


Inspiring and authentic: Al Pacino.

Tribute to the father of gangster movies and homage to an authentic and powerful man.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Definitely belonging to the 3 greatest “spaghetti-western” ever produced, this movie by Sergio Leone is a pure master-piece  – setting an all-time standard in the portrayal of seriousness, stamina, self-reliance, “son-of-a-bitchness” and greatness!


Protected: How to give her absolute pleasure – techniques every woman wants her man to know

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Swedish progressive trance duo, unfortunately not active anymore but undoubtedly contributed some unique and sophisticated albums to electronic music.

Music style: cold and clear progressive trance, unique melodies and rhythm, sophisticated production, all tracks are related to nature (check track names)

Song Selection:
Sudden Comfort…