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this frog heals deseases – read this article and understand the power of natural medicine
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Mate Tea

A traditional and natural South American drink full of coffein – an excellent drink for the afternoon, helping to make you more focused and relaxed. Quit smoking and dry drinking this tea instead!

Here you get the material – the tea cup made out of pumpkin and the bombilla (straw)


5 Tibetans

Do this five exercises every morning – the best way to get awake quickly and to help you back bone being straighter. These exercises make your chakras move and start your digestion processes. Give it a 2 weeks try and notice the difference in energy flow, focusation and forget about …

Danza de Dragon

Danza de Dragon is a respiration, yoga and meditation exercise I experienced through my dear friend David in beautiful Ayampe, Manabi (Ecuador). Accomplished on a regular base it supports your physical and mental health. Give it a try…


Japanese Green Tea Guide


Different types of japanese green tea and their taste and health benefits

First of all some gerneral facts about green tea itself:

Green tea is the unfermented type of tea. That means the fermentation process is stopped by either steaming(japanese) or roasting/panning (chinese). That keeps the leaves green, contrary to …

bpa-free stainless steel drinking bottle

You’re still drinking water from plastic bottles or even non-returnable bottles?  Stop it and get a stainless steel bottle, that is bpa-free. Bisphenol A (bpa)  is an endocrine disruptor that may interfere with your body’s endocrine system and make damage to you and your descendants. Plastic bottles contain bpa and …

Workout with your own body weight

forget going to the gym (fools, bad music, time loss) – train several times more effective at home or wherever you are just with your own body weight – 30 min per day are enough


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Paleo Nutrition Philosophy

Stop eating sugar, cereals, the wrong fats and industrially processed food –> increase your energy by 50%, end volatile moods and be constantly positive, achieve your optimal weight

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Mobile Laptop Stand

do something good for your neck and turn your laptop into a proper monitor with this simple and cheap tool. then use an external keyboard+mouse



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Morning Exercises: 5 Tibetans


morning exercises developed by Tibetan monks in order to get you awake, to strengthen your back and to make your mind be more present


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Fact: Green Tea – main pillar to a healthier and more satisfied life!

Green Tea leads to healthy weight loss, works against heart disease, alzheimer and decreases depression.

short summary:
Since more than 4 years I am consuming 1-2 liters of green tea a day. For me it is one of the main ingredients for a balanced and satisfied life. Statistically proven …