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5 Tibetans

Do this five exercises every morning – the best way to get awake quickly and to help you back bone being straighter. These exercises make your chakras move and start your digestion processes. Give it a 2 weeks try and notice the difference in energy flow, focusation and forget about …


Scanbot – Put some order into your documents, save them on your phone

excellent app to put order in any kind of documents you use. I personally like to work with hard copy papers or notes – the notes are just never where I am. Before I got to know this app I used take photos of the notes, resulting in a chaos …


Month Cal – Excellent Calendar App

make your time planning easier and use month cal on your mobile phone instead of the built-in calendar app – the month overview is what makes this app special…


Swiftkey – Smart Typing on iPhone

stop messing up your mind by tapping on each letter on the iPhone keyboard – simply slide over the letters

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search for Swiftkey on app store…

Expense Tracking and Splitting App

ever went on a trip with a group of people and want to stop worrying who paid what? keep track of the expense of everyone, tell the app who profited and get an automated result who owes what to whom


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Diary App: Momento

keep track of the special moments in your life – add pictures, tags and rate them with stars. experiencing special moments is your biggest treasure – so make them eternal and celebrate them!


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