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Blinkist – Summary service for books

Excellent app that gives you executive summaries and the key essentials of over 1.000 books – the summaries are even available in audio versions

costs between 40€ and 80€ per year

search for blinkist on app store…


Ayahuasca and DMT

check out this interesting information about DMT, the spirit hormone liberated by Ayahuasca, the sacred tea

this article  quite precisely describes the Ayahuasca experience in our point of view

We have also created an english and spanish version of this article with Google Translate .

Check out as well:



this frog heals deseases – read this article and understand the power of natural medicine
english (google translate)

spanish (google translate)


Mate Tea

A traditional and natural South American drink full of coffein – an excellent drink for the afternoon, helping to make you more focused and relaxed. Quit smoking and dry drinking this tea instead!

Here you get the material – the tea cup made out of pumpkin and the bombilla (straw)


5 Tibetans

Do this five exercises every morning – the best way to get awake quickly and to help you back bone being straighter. These exercises make your chakras move and start your digestion processes. Give it a 2 weeks try and notice the difference in energy flow, focusation and forget about …


Fresh’n Black Tent

ever went camping and couldn’t sleep long in the morning because it’s too hot in the tent? this tent has 4 open windows on each side for air circulation, making it 17 degrees colder as a regular tent! the 2 seconds tents are tents you just throw, no need to …


Scanbot – Put some order into your documents, save them on your phone

excellent app to put order in any kind of documents you use. I personally like to work with hard copy papers or notes – the notes are just never where I am. Before I got to know this app I used take photos of the notes, resulting in a chaos …


Month Cal – Excellent Calendar App

make your time planning easier and use month cal on your mobile phone instead of the built-in calendar app – the month overview is what makes this app special…

Paleo Pan con Tomate / Fleischsalat


Swiftkey – Smart Typing on iPhone

stop messing up your mind by tapping on each letter on the iPhone keyboard – simply slide over the letters

YouTube video
search for Swiftkey on app store…

Danza de Dragon

Danza de Dragon is a respiration, yoga and meditation exercise I experienced through my dear friend David in beautiful Ayampe, Manabi (Ecuador). Accomplished on a regular base it supports your physical and mental health. Give it a try…


Brokkoli-Avocado-Feldsalat mit Macadamia Nussöl

Gambas / Allioli / Brokkoli

Brokolli in Backofen…

Lauch-Avocado Rührei

Lauch, Zwiebeln, Zuchini, Tomaten in Olivenöl anbraten

Rührei schlagen

Rührei in die Pfanne, Zitronensaft drauf

Avocados dazu…

Kochbananen-Chips + Guacamole

7 mn workout

7 mn workout

A daily workout routine that I’ve been doing for a few years now, usually doing 2 to 4 times the 7 minutes.  I was first convinced by articles like the one from NY Times explaining the scientific approach of 7 mw workout.

Now I’m just doing it almost every day, …

Gerösteter Brokkoli

In den Ofen für 30 min!…

Tahina Sauce

Japanese Green Tea Guide


Different types of japanese green tea and their taste and health benefits

First of all some gerneral facts about green tea itself:

Green tea is the unfermented type of tea. That means the fermentation process is stopped by either steaming(japanese) or roasting/panning (chinese). That keeps the leaves green, contrary to …

Fisch + Spinat in Kokosfett


Quiche mit Spargel und Lauch


Fisch + Brokkoli-Muß

Kocos Fett mit Mandeln Mehl erhitzen, mit Weißwein aufgießen, Broccoli 15 Minuten in Dampfgarer, anschließend in Kocos Fett und Mandel geben und vermischen sowie würzen

Fisch in Kocos Fett anbraten mit Mandeln Mehl bestreuen


Brokkoli Curry Salat


Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros mit Paprika-Chili-Salsa

bpa-free stainless steel drinking bottle

You’re still drinking water from plastic bottles or even non-returnable bottles?  Stop it and get a stainless steel bottle, that is bpa-free. Bisphenol A (bpa)  is an endocrine disruptor that may interfere with your body’s endocrine system and make damage to you and your descendants. Plastic bottles contain bpa and …

Auberginenbrot mit Kokosfett, Thunfisch, Ei


Blumenkohl Risotto

zwiebeln und Knoblauch in Olivenöl anbraten, Hühnchenfleisch dazu, Lauch Zucchini, Blumenkohlreis dazu, mit Wein aufgießen, Petersilie dazu, 20 Minuten kochen lassen


Hühnchen + Gemüseauflauf

Saussicon à Cuire + Panais

Würstchen 10 min in Topf kochen, Pastinaken dazu, weitere 20 min kochen


Pastinaken + Fisch + Zwiebeln

Pastinaken und Fisch dämpfen, zwiebeln Kokosfett anbraten Pastinaken und Fisch dazu