Meditation with the sacrament of the forest


Already in the Vedas one knew the gate-opening effect of certain plants. Just as the Vedic Seers used the Soma potion as a mediator between the spheres, Ayahuasca also serves as sacred medicine and as the key to deep meditation.

Formally dressed is a small conspiratorial community of pilgrims and spiritual seekers who want to abseil at the spiritual depths of the Ayahuasca liana in their spiritual depths. Freudingly, but also with a certain reverence, each one takes his cup with the sacrament under prayers and blessings. Once the bitter drink has found its way down the throat, all wait in silence for the first impulses of “medicine,” as it is simply called, and then gradually reveal their light, a strange dance begins: deep silence changes with intimate Singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing, singing or singing.

No one needs great explanations here – this is about experiencing, feeling and experiencing. Sometimes, ancient pain bursts, and deepest fears may arise. Then others, who are already more experienced, carry a piece of the way. Not infrequently it happens that someone thinks he is going to die. Only it is not the body, but a piece of identity that needs mowing. Old entanglements and energies are solved, often accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or even tears. Relations with loved ones may be looked upon and purified, and peace is often made with ancestors. Everything finds its place. One comes very close, and if
The evening comes to an end, all feel as safe as in a large family. Thus one meets more or less regularly again and again, in order to follow together this cleansing path of knowledge.

The ancient ritual of this sacrament has found its long way across the Atlantic: indigenous shamans from South America and churches from Brazil have inspired many people here and so
Create their own ritual culture in our latitudes. Most of the people who have been educated by many schools of meditation, yoga and therapy are found in such circles, which meet in secret, almost like the old witches and witches at the time of the Inquisition. If, however, the ingredients are ordered on the Internet and cooked in self-experiments, and if there is a lack of ritual experience or connection to a tradition, the experiment can quickly have traumatizing consequences.

Who knows if all the deep insights of the liana by the plant Deva whispered
Or whether the liana is a key that opens the wisdom of the soul? In any case, many people find the answers to their questions, and they must also look at pages of their own, which can be quite unpleasant: pride must bow down before life, and competition deviates from respectful coexistence.

When the soul spreads its wings

Unlike the dull intoxication, as usually caused by the alcohol, the lianentee produces an extremely sensitive state, sparkling with knowledge. As the body relaxes deeply, the soul spreads its wings and feels all that we oust in our busy lives, feels the unresolved questions in the interior, the patterns in which we are caught, and the wounds we have not healed can. In a way it is as if we were in the mother’s womb, we feel so protected that we can finally allow ourselves to feel all that was too bad before what we had to repress. Situations that have shaped us are spreading in our consciousness, as in slow-motion, we can feel all the details and their effects, and we learn to understand ourselves and the world. Not infrequently it happens that during the processes suddenly trauma rises again and floats us with all the related feelings. It is precisely then that it is so important to make this experience in a circle that can support this healing. The treatment of trauma with Ayahuasca has also been dedicated to the Hollywood Western “Blueberry” by Jan Kounen, which gives a good insight into this topic.

Holy medicine

Since the time of human thought, this particular tea in the Amazon basin has been prepared and drunk by the indigenous people and later by the settlers from Africa and Europe. All the great indigenous tribes in this region regard Ayahuasca as a sacred medicine to experience “true reality.” They use them to heal, chase to solve problems, but also to wage war, and Ayahuasca is their professor Her, her university, where she learns which plant medicine heals, how to live a good life and how we can be in contact with a world beyond. It is a kind of plant yoga path, whereby besides Ayahuasca other plants are taken , Partial under very strict dietary rules and lonely-ascetic retreat into the deep forest – sometimes for years.

The brew, which tastes bitter-sour, is obtained by the hourly boiling of the liana Banisteriopsis caapi and other plants which support them in their effect. The leaves of Psychotria viridis, a shrub related to coffee, are also found in the various recipes.
In the symbolism of the others, the liana is the serpent, which, like them, moves forward as it winds. As a plant, she needs a tree in which she rises, occupies her and takes her the light: a signature for her healing effect in the sense of the law of similarities – the liberation of foreign energies. Liberation from what occupies us and takes us the light. To get rid of these energies can be a very tedious and sometimes also a painful aspect of the work with the liana, when, tormented by overwhelming nausea, one’s innermost bulges out into the bucket or into the toilet bowl. At the same time, this aspect is also the most rewarding, since it makes life much easier.
Many a miracle cure is said to the liana, also serious cases of cancer, which have already been given up by conventional school medicine. Where the liana is only a factor; The field in which it is drunk, and the drinking itself are others.

The symbolism of the spiral

Their growth form, the shape in which the Ayahuasca-Liana screwed out of the dark soil into the light is that of the spiral. The spiral is the symbol of change, development and healing. It is the form in which the systems of the stars are moving, the structures are evolving, both in “We are not human beings who make a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings who experience being human, both plant and animal , To our DNA, the Kundalini force, or the sculp pole, so it connects us like an umbilical cord with the stars and reminds us of where we come from and where we are going. “Like the liana, the dancing dervish is also changing We can understand the rotation of the Sufis as an analogue to the Lianentee: in the center of the hurricane lies the deepest, most delicious rest, and thus both practices require and promote the ability to center themselves, even if everything To whirl around.

Perhaps the Ayahuasca came out of the rainforest to save us humans or save the rainforest by recalibrating us? For friends of conspiracy theories is both close. In any case, such a liana can be very useful for the ascent to a higher dimension or a quantum leap in the personal development of the consciousness. With their help we can recognize our kinship with all beings and bow to us with deep respect for this creation. I could only find peace with my deepest psychological pain in her light – and a greater confidence in the wisdom of life.

Learn from the plant masters

If we really want to bear the crown of creation on our head, we should put aside our human conceit and arrogance and learn from the plant masters. Just as all the great kings have understood themselves as servants rather than rulers. Only we have forgotten the ancient ways of planting sacraments and take part in Corpus Christi with wafers and wine which are given to us as a placebo as the body of the Lord. The path to reconcile with the “teacher-plants” in the ceremonial framework for reconciliation is ancient and on all continents resident among the primitive peoples. It is this spiritual reconnection that mankind needs more than ever as medicine, so we do not want to make this planet uninhabitable to our species: the recollection of our spiritual nature that allows us to experience human experience with all its pain in the right light To see. If this reconnection, the remembrance, we are ridden by greed, tormented by fears and struggling to survive, cost it what it wants – be it the homeland of our great-grandsons.

The queen of the forest, as Ayahuasca is also called, works lovingly and mercilessly. It confronts us and keeps us at the same time, so that we can leave both our claims and our place in the great mystery. The space opened by her is of frightening beauty, a paradox that can only be felt but not understood. In this space, opposites are not contradictions, but complement each other. The consciousness of the unity of all being is the “true reality”. Ayahuasca is a key to enter here.